MOVIE MARRIAGE Episode 1 - Existenzing with The Bad Lieutenant

The DLJ Horror Show Presents "Movie Marriage" EPISODE 1. Walking the films Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Dream with the Fishes and eXistenZ down the aisle. With Best Man "The Roots" and Maid Of Honor "Lana Del Rey". "Movie Marriage" is a DLJ side project that will be incorporating more non horror material than usual but is definitely not without genre flare. These Marriages will be mostly three ways and only legal in two states. Enjoy!

David Lynch's "In Dreams I Fire Walk With You"

David Lynch's Blue Velvet and Twins Peaks:Fire Walk With Me(his Feature film follow up to the classic T.V Show of the same name) Dance together to the beat of Dean Stockwell's lip sync performance of Roy Orbison's "In Dreams". Man.....that was a lot of name droppin'.

Stephen King's Night of the Killer Klowns

This is another Horror blend from back in the day. The 80's classic Killer Klowns from Outer Space meets Stephen King's The Night Flier in this Musical Throwback extravaganza of Death, Love, and Klowns!

The DLJ Horror Show Vol. 2

This is the second ever DLJ Horror Show feature, and it's now available for the first time online. The DLJ Horror Show has been an ongoing collection of horror musical shorts for four years now. However they are much more than best of collections. Each volume stands on its own and Most of them have themes and even recurring story arcs! This is the second volume of the horror show. It is loaded with Zany humor, great music, and classic films! This was the first volume that experimented with those recurring film arcs I mentioned. It really feels like one complete package and is one of my favorite DLJ Horror features that I've created. Enjoy!

Attack of the CRAZY FREAKS!!!!!!

Join the casts of Raising Cain, Basket Case, Freaks and Bride of Re-animator as they celebrate their Freak pride with several doses of carnage. Including Coldplay's "Charlie Brown" and the original soundtracks of the films in question. It's gonna be a sickly good time. One of us!!!! One of us!!!! One of us!!!!

Mary Shelly's Frankenstein - The Musical Experience

A Musical version of the Kenneth Branagh directed "Mary Shelly's Frankenstein". Under twenty minutes of pure musical storytelling. Features Robert De Niro, Kenneth Branagh, and Helena Bonham Carter. Also, the music of System of a Down, Led Zeppelin, Dying Seed, Andrew Bird and more.

Ridley Scott's Legend - The Musical Experience

Ridley Scott's "Legend" The Musical Experience. This is a brand new way to see the film from start to finish only much shorter and a lot groovier. Enjoy!

DLJ welcomes you to this "home sweet home" of a Horror show

Eminem's "House" (The DLJ Horror Show Presents). Watch more top selected videos about: Eminem, Recovery

DLJ made you mothers out there this video In honor of Mother's day

The DLJ Horror Show is happy to spin you this oldtimey yarn from the dead sea

The DLJ Horror Show so warmly welcomes you to "A Very Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

So....DLJ and The Alien Trilogy walk into a bar.... and this is what happened

It's time once again for your nightly story little ones....but don't shut your eyes until the end

Don't run away just yet....There's another video to witness

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